The Mexican Chair at The Franz Mayer Museum

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The Mexican Chair at The Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City.

The Franz Mayer Museum celebrated its thirty years presence on Mexico City’s cultural life. Its collection includes 10,000 objects from centuries XVI to XIX.

The Franz Mayer Museum Director, Mister Héctor Rivero Borrell interviewed by the Excelsior newspaper, on February 18, 2016 indicated that this museum has the name of the first collector of the 10,000 objects shown as this museum.

Franz Mayer arrived from Germany in Mexico in 1905 and in 1933 he became a Mexican citizen. At his death, in 1975, he transferred his collection to the Mexican people, opening its doors eleven years after his dead. In recent years over 200 thousand people have visited this museum every year.

In order to attract the interest of the young people, this museum will be modifying its layout by not only presenting the antiques of its first collection, but also incorporating in the exhibition rooms of this museum objects from the local and international contemporary design.

In 2016 the Franz Mayer museum is celebrating its thirty opening anniversary. As part of the celebration this museum is preparing ten temporary exhibitions for all visitants in 2016 .

The Mexican Chair, Franz Mayer Museum

On February 12, 2016 temporal exposition “ SILLA MEXICANA DISEÑO E IDENTIDAD” (“Mexican Chair Design and Identity”) opened at The Franz Mayer Museum. The temporal exposition is a resulting part of the traditional elegance of this museum dedicated to the Decorative Arts and to the Design.

It is interesting to see all these chairs that, on certain way, look familiar to some of us that live in Mexico City.  Certainly, there are chairs designs that we hadn’t  seen before, but these designs anyhow seem to belong, very naturally, to furnished spaces where we travel daily, sometimes without paying very much attention.

Chairs that are comfortable, functional and, somehow, have their own personality. Designs that fulfill almost all the human body demands. Providing us, at the same time, with some pleasure originated from the beauty of their forms. Other chairs are only functional but always following their rigorous neutral symmetry that, on a certain way, gives them some beauty.

Interested on furniture, design decorative arts don’t miss this exposition that will be open until April 17, 2016.

The Franz Mayer is Located at Av. Hidalgo 45, Centro Histórico, C.P. 06300, Mexico City. Telephone: 55182266. Parking facilities at an annex space.

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