Places and Leisure

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Places and Leisure in Mexico City where you can have fun; places as Chapultepec Woods Park; UNAM’s Sculptural Space; Turibus….

Places and Leisure in MXCY

Chapultepec Woods Park

Chapultepec's Woods Park Lake
Chapultepec’s Woods Park Lake

Chapultepec Railings

        Chapultepec’s Woods Park Lake

       The Lions Gate

       Chapultepec’s Botanical Garden

       The Hose in the Lake

       The Zoo

      The large and the small Lakes

      Amusement Park “La Feria de Chapulepec”

UNAM’s Sculptural Space

UNAM's Sculptural Space
UNAM’s Sculptural Space created and built on lava rock from Xitle’s volcano eruption 2000 years ago.

        Centro Cultural Universitario

        Prometheus’s sculpture & the Paseo de Los Escultores

        “The Sculptural Space”

        The controversy about the Sculptural Space’s boundaries

        General Information

Nightlife in MXCY

Plaza Garibaldi