Nightlife Mexico City

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Nightlife Mexico City

Bars, restaurants, theaters, museums, long walks through hoses and buildings from the nineteenth century and  from the early twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, and all else is in Mexico City, one of the largest and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Its attractions are many and varied, we would need much more than a weekend, to know, visit and enjoy.

Have you visited La Condesa? A fashionable neighborhood that brings an intense nightlife, bars, restaurants, pubs, places of healthy food, everything is found here.

The Spain Park and Mexico Park

In the Condesa houses the art deco and art nouveau palaces, create an architectural harmony that beautify the landscape and offers a state of tranquility to this place spaces. The Spain Park and Mexico Park, the old racecourse, art galleries and a relaxed lifestyle, make the Condesa a must stop on your visit to Mexico City.

If you are looking for some art and entertainment, do not forget that the theaters billboard in Mexico City is always active, you’ll find everything in the entertainment offer of this City, experimental theater, commercial, dance, and much more.


The City Theater, the Palace of Fine Arts theater, the Insurgentes Theater, the Metropolitan theater, the Fru Fru theater and the San Rafael Theater, they are all considered ten of the most beautiful theaters in Mexico City. Sure, you’ll enjoy the beauty of its scenarios; you can’t fail to go to a good play, they are worth of a great city, as is this city.

At night

At night the music takes over the city, salsa, cumbia, rock, northern, jazz clubs to sing trove, lounges, everything you can imagine for those who like dance, music and nightlife; this city is open for those who arrive eager to learn, enjoy and not leave the track menu.

La Condesa, la Roma and Salsa

There is no one dedicated area where these night entertainment places are found, on the contrary, they are found throughout the city, in the historical center, in the Portales neighbourhood (colonia), the Condesa, the colonia Roma and on the Paseo (ride) of Reforma; we can find here and there places dedicated to dance, specifically to Salsa, if you are a tourist and visit this city for the first time, do not miss the show that offer places like this.

Dancing La Salsa

La Salsa for those who live Mexico City, is not just a lilting dance, salsa, is a ritual. Learn to dance, in some of these places you may find free Salsa lessons given to the visiting beginners. The shows presented here are of good quality as well as entertaining and holidays.

A visit to this city can take you from the quieter streets with Art decó architecture, the noisiest places, to have a good dance and have fun with styles that you have never known.

Go ahead, have fun, visit Mexico City and check that this is a city where you’ll never get bored.