Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art

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The Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art is a magnificent space of modern Mexican architecture in Chapultepec Park, one of the most beautiful and emblematic zones of Mexico City, very near the Museum of Modern Art and Chapultepec Castle.

The Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art, thanks to its architecture, is one of the most attractive places in the city, in an area filled with cultural activities and museums in Mexico City.

But, what exactly is this beautiful museum, and how was it created? Since its opening, its principal activity is displaying modern and contemporary art from around the world.

In this way, the most outstanding contemporary artists are exhibiting their work in these spectacular halls.

To this end, Rufino Tamayo pushed for creation of his imposing museum, founded in 1981, and remodeled and enlarged in 2012. Architects Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León wanted to create a space that would have not only the functioning of showcasing works of art, but also be a universal aesthetic work in itself.

Interiors of Rufino Tamayo's Museum
Interiors of Rufino Tamayo Museum

Beginning in the 1960s, Tamayo acquired works of contemporary art from around the world with the clear purpose of offering the Mexican public a way to get near the art of the 20th century.

As an original cultural project, the building blends into the surroundings thanks to its pyramidal form. It is not a building that invades the area, but rather integrates in the environment in various levels, including volumes of stairways made of concrete, as if they were surging from the ground.

In 2012, the building grew after being remodeled and enlarged, keeping its form and aesthetic features, including spaces and installations meant to offer more exhibits, and an ongoing series of activities.

At the museum there is its gift shop, where attractive designs, mainly Mexican, as well as publications of cultural and artistic themes, are found.

After a visit, and to relax, we can enjoy the Tamayo restaurant, in a beautiful space surrounded by trees, and full of peace and tranquility.

The Tamayo Museum is on Reforma Avenue, corner of Gandhi Ave., in Mexico City, at Chapultepec Park. Hour: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00-18:00 hr.